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Title Finalists Announcement for AD STARS 2017

Finalists Announcement for AD STARS 2017



Though strict screening by 210 judges from 62 countries, we have selected 1,802 works out of 21,530 entries. 

Those finalists will compete for the Grand Prix in upcoming AD STARS final competition during August 22-23.


Please note that the materials should be sent to AD STARS for the final judging and the exhibition at BEXCO.


We evaluate a Campaign as one entry, there is only one entry number on the finalist result file. All entries which belong to the same campaign are finalists. Please kindly check again in MY PAGE-MY ENTRIES.


The recommended formats of the materials are as follow.

■ Form:
- Printing: 60cm x 40cm (including board size) or 40cm x 60cm (including board size)
- Foam board, black cards, not heavy ones are recommended.
- Video/DVD: file format MP4, MOV
* Please send us the original file so that we can play the video at the exhibition hall.
- Interactive: MP4, MOV(save on a DVD and send it to us)
- Radio ad DVD is not necessary. However, English x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-script is mandatory for judging.
  Please send us English x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-script by e-mail at info@adstars.org.
* Script is needed even for radio ad recorded in English

■ Submission deadline: July 29, 2017

■ Send to the secretariat of AD STARS:
   ZIP CODE 48059
   Tel: +82-51-623-5539

■ Notice
- When submitting via airmail, entry information(entry no, category, title) should be attached
  on the center/middle on the back of entry. Please fill out the form after downloading form
  on our website(www.adstars.org) and attach on the center/middle on the back of entry.  
  * For videos, please attach or enclose the information on the DVD’s front cover.

- Please send us as many copies as the number of categories if selected for multiple.
  It is needed for the final judging round and exhibition.
  However, only up to 3 categories will be exhibited during the festival if selected as finalist for

  more than 3 categories with one work.
  Please mark an ‘O’ on the entry information that you prefer to be exhibited.
  If you didn’t mark “O” on the “Preference to be exhibited”, the committee will select categories

  randomly to be  exhibited.
- If you post from overseas, please write “The enclosed is an entry for AD competition and

  there is no  commercial value.” down in bold letters on outside of the envelope.
- Entrants must pay for all the related mail/courier costs and customs duty.
- All submissions remain the property of AD STARS and will not be returned to the entrant.

Attachments Entry Info_ Professional.docx
Entry Info_Non-professional.docx
Finalists_Professional_AD STARS 2017.pdf
Finalists_Non Professional_AD STARS 2017.pdf