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Dot Mini. The First Smart M...

While we are all used to having access to almost any content, the situation is very different for the 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide: Only 3% of all digital text content is available in Braille, because material is expensive and translation requires human understanding, which makes it unprofitable for publishers in most cases. There is no alternative to Braille, especially when it comes to education: 90% of people who can’t read Braille are unemployed. In 2016, Dot Incorporation set out to give the visually impaired access to mobile communication with the first Braille smartwatch. Now, we are creating access to content with Dot Mini.

Dot Mini

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Dragon Boat Race

The Apple Fox brand is built on irreverence and crate-loads of cheekiness. As playful online as we are in real life, we even swore publicly and got away with it with our hashtag #whatthefox. In search of more moments of internet and social media irreverence, we saw an opportunity in the annual Dragonboat Festival in Malaysia. We were tasked to create a social post for the festive season as part of our Always On, but we were eager to think outside the crate and make mischief on this usually low-key season.

Apple Fox Cider
Bonsey Jaden