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Re:AD - Rethink, redefine and redesign the Advertising industry

Now that anyone can document ordinary daily life and advertise their clothes, the brands they use and places they travel along the way, it’s time for the advertising market to pivot more drastically than ever before.

Anyone can be a content creator, which means advertising agencies need to find new ways to capture consumers’ hearts. Too many people now think of advertising as a waste of time, and pay to skip over advertisements and be free of them.

As a result, agencies have been moving beyond unilateral advertising formats to solve social problems, launch Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiatives and design purpose-driven brand campaigns.

At AD STARS 2020, we’ll explore just how far the domain of advertising is expanding. What do modern consumers think of new advertising tactics? Which creators are capturing their hearts best? Is the advertising market changing fast enough?

It’s time to raise awareness of the positive net function that advertising and creativity have on society. In August 2020, top-class experts from all over the world will meet in one of the world’s most innovative creative and marketing technology hubs in Busan, Korea to seek the right direction.

All participants at AD STARS 2020 will share the latest trends and insights on this year’s theme, Re:AD – Rethink, redefine and redesign.

Through this opportunity, we will be able to learn from entries to the AD STARS Awards from around the world and get new inspiration, while freely networking with global creative leaders.

AD STARS strives to make a better world by sharing creative solutions that contribute to mankind. We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s festival.

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Hwanjin Choi

Overview of AD STARS 2021

  • Event
    AD STARS 2021
  • Time
    25 - 27 Aug 2021
  • Venue
    AD STARS 2021 will be held online
  • Host
    AD STARS Organizing Committee
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